All Bat Pokemon Ranked In 2023

All Bat Pokemon Ranked In 2023

Pokémon’s long history of popularity can be attributed to the series’ lovable cast of characters. We don’t have as many Pokémon that look like or are based on bats as we’d want because of this unfortunate negligence.

Many people have a negative impression of bats because of common misconceptions about their appearance and blandness. 

When word got out that bats are prime breeding grounds for viruses like SARS and Ebola, their already dismal reputation took a nosedive. Thankfully, there are Pokémon trainers who appreciate bats, as Brock owned a very strong Zubat in addition to the gorgeous Onix.

Bat Pokémon come in various kinds, from Dark to Poison and even Legendary. The same idea every movie uses, that a cave or uncharted terrain is full of bats, is used in the Pokémon games. In video games, you can encounter bats when venturing into a cave or a dark tunnel. 

The design of bats is one of the most interesting in all of Pokémon, and as a flying type, they also are incredibly strong. In this post, we will acknowledge the bat pokemon ranked in 2023.

All Bat Pokemon Ranked In 2023


#1 Crobat


First released in Generation II, this purple bat Pokémon is a Poison/Flying type. It can go great distances in the air with a total base stat of more than 535. Once Golbat reaches the maximum friendship level, it transforms into its ultimate form.

It shares many characteristics with bats, like wings, long, pointed ears, etc. An infiltrator is a stealth ability that helps it sneak past the enemy’s defenses.

Crobat is a stealthy aviator with formidable fangs that can penetrate the toughest armour. It can soar higher and for longer because of its additional wing set. Catching one of these Pokémon is difficult.

#2  Guzzlord


As a Dark/Dragon hybrid, Guzzlord debuted in Generation VII. It’s an Ultra Beast, an extraterrestrial creature from another realm. The fact that it originates from space explains why this Pokémon only vaguely resembles bats. 

It possesses two sets of wings that look strikingly like bat wings; one set is above its eyes, and the other is on the sides of its body. Its overall base stat is 570, and it consumes food alarmingly.

With devastating moves like Beast Boost, Guzzlord is the second most powerful bat-based Pokémon. In the Pokémon universe, it is known as “Glutton” because, when hungry, it can eat an entire mountain or numerous buildings.

#3 Gligar


As a dual Ground/Flying-type Pokémon, Gligar can see you through many fights if you want to persist. Although they were introduced in the same generation as Crobat, these Pokémon are more akin to flying scorpions than bats.

The purple Pokémon resembles a bat; its head and body are spherical, and its wings are blue and join under its arms like those of a flying squirrel. Its lengthy tail ends in what looks like a lethal stinger, and its arms are capped with enormous claws.

This Pokémon prefers to set up housekeeping in the mountains, specifically on cliff faces. In the show, it eats berries and uses its echolocation sense to avoid obstacles while in the air. It flies silently toward its target, clamps its pincers onto the face, and then stabs with a venomous stinger.

#4 Golbat


Generation I, sometimes known as First Generation and Color Generation because it started with Pokémon Red and Green and progressed to Pokémon Blue, debuted the Poison/Flying-type Pokémon Golbat.

Golbat is a gigantic blue bat with a big mouth, extremely skinny legs, long feet, and purple wings; it is likely a Pokémon that most Pokémon fans recognize by sight, even if they are unfamiliar with its name.

Its fangs are strong enough to break through thick hides and hollow so it may drink its enemies’ blood. However, finding one without a fang is common because it tried to eat a Steel-type Pokémon, which its teeth couldn’t chew through.

True to its vampire bat stereotype, Golbat is so ravenously hungry for blood that it can lose its ability to fly and become defenseless. 

Similarly, the Golbat’s blood type will change to its victim’s if it consumes enough blood. These Pokémon are commonly encountered in deep caverns, yet they are rarely seen with the Crobat, their fully evolved form.

#5 Swoobat


The Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon Swoobat debuted in Generation V. It is a selfless Pokémon with a basic stat of over 435. It looks like a combination of a fruit bat and a heart-nosed bat. Like Crobat, Swoobat can evolve into its ultimate form by reaching high levels with many pals.

Swoobat’s pre-evolved state, the heart-shaped snout survives. The Swoobats tail wags to produce sound waves powerful enough to shatter concrete. However, using this ability can become rapidly fatigued, limiting its flight capabilities until it recharges. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Simple Beam is only available to the Swoobat family of Pokemon.

#6 Woobats


This Psychic/Flying-type bat Pokémon was introduced in the fifth generation of the Pokémon game series and is quite charming. Its fluffy blue body and enormous heart-shaped nose set it apart from other bat-like Pokémon.

Baby Honduran White Bats inspired this design; they are, hands down, the prettiest bats ever. It’s a tiny Pokémon with black wings sprouting from its sides and two tufts of hair that hide its eyes.

While sleeping, the Woobat’s huge snout emits ultrasonic waves for echolocation, and the animal’s grasping behavior leaves heart-shaped markings on walls. It is a bug-type Pokémon commonly found in caverns and woodlands, feeding on another bug Pokémon.

In addition to their speed, Woobats also has a powerful special attack. Although their other statistics could be more impressive, you won’t be able to stay upset at them for very long.

#7 Noivern


Noivern is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon worth considering if you’re looking for the greatest bat Pokémon that can double as a dragon. Noivern, which debuted in Generation VI as the evolved version of Noibat, is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon.

Although largely black, its purple belly, scarlet snout, and huge wings with blue membranes give it a draconic appearance. Its long tail has two spikes at the end, and a white fur mane encircles its neck. It is well-known that this Pokémon has a short fuse and would only calm down if fed a piece of its favourite fruit.

Sound waves created by a Noivern are powerful enough to break boulders and allow the creature to see in total darkness. Against foes that cannot generate ultrasonic waves for navigation, this Pokémon has a reputation for being fairly nasty, often teasing them while they lie helpless in the dark.

The Noivern Pokémon is a true beast since its speed, and offensive ratings allow it to devour even the most powerful of the lesser Pokémon. It also boasts one of the most innovative looks in the series. Overall, if you’re playing a game from Generation VI onward, Noivern is a good Pokémon to have on your team.

#8 Lunala


Generation VII’s Lunala, unlocked in Pokémon Moon, Shield, or Ultra Moon, is the peak evolution of Cosmog. Necrozma can use the N-Lunarizer to combine with Lunala and become Dawn Wings Necrozma.

This Pokémon is stunning in every way. This huge Pokémon resembles a skeletonized bat with no appendages. Lunala has a short nose, dark pink eyes with white centers, and a crescent-shaped hood that frames its face, and the deep blue patch on its head transforms into different starscapes.

The Lunala has crescent-shaped wings that reveal skeletal finger bones. During its Full Moon phase, the starscape changes into streaks of light, and a light red eye sign appears on its forehead.

This Pokémon bat can transform sunlight into energy and block the sky entirely. In addition, it can generate Ultra Wormholes through which it can access Ultra Space.

Moongeist Beam is a Ghost-type movie that only this Pokémon can learn. It deals damage regardless of any abilities that would reduce it. Alternatively, Lunala can employ the enhanced form of Moongeist Beam, known as its special Z-Move Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom.

#9 Zubat


Several Pokémon memes have centred around the original bat Pokémon, which is universally despised. You couldn’t step inside a cave without encountering a swarm of these Poison/Flying-type Pokémon.

A tiny blue creature with purple membranes covering its wings and a set of pointed bat ears and teeth, this guy is as bat-like as they were before his evolution into Golbat. Without eyes, this blind bat uses its keen sense of echolocation to get around; it only comes out of its cave at night to avoid the harsh sunlight.

Zubats can get sunburned and sick from being in the sun for too long. Quite simply, it’s a bat that can bite your neck. However, the chance of being burned can be considerably reduced if a Zubat is kidnapped and then educated to become more used to daylight.

#10 Gliscor


Gliscor, a hybrid Ground/Flying type, debuted in Generation IV. The ultimate evolution of Gligar, it possesses a total base stat of 510. Gligar transforms into Gliscor if trained at night while carrying a Razor Fang. In terms of appearance, it is among the best Vampire-themed Pokémon.

Its formerly impressive defences are now complemented by excellent attack and speed. It also can learn seven different attacks with a high critical hit ratio, more than any other Pokemon. In addition, it has a secret weapon: it can use poison to treat wounds.


In conclusion, there is no objective way to rank all Pokémon with the bat as their theme because it varies greatly from player to player and from metagame to metagame. In 2023, however, Crobat climbs over all other bats Pokémon in general prowess, usefulness, and popularity. 

Golbat, Noivern, & Yanmega also deserve special notice because they bring something special to each trainer’s team. All bat Pokémon, no matter how high or low in the rankings, deserve a place in the Pokémon universe and present an interesting and challenging obstacle for trainers.

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