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15 Must-Have Cute Pokemon in 2023

Are you ready to add some cuteness to your life? Look no further than the world of Pokemon! In 2023, there will be more adorable and charming creatures than ever before, and we’ve compiled a list of the 15 must-have cute Pokemon that will undoubtedly brighten your day.

From fluffy wool to big ears, these Pokemon are all about cuteness and charm. They are perfect companions for any trainer looking for a little bit of joy and positivity in their lives. Some may even argue that these cute Pokemon are the key to happiness!

In the world of Pokemon, there’s a Pokemon for everyone. Some trainers may prefer powerful and fierce creatures, while others may be drawn to the more gentle and cute ones. For those who love adorable Pokemon, this list is a dream come true.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of cuteness and discover the 15 must-have cute Pokemon of 2023 that will undoubtedly make your day brighter and your heart fuller.

  1. Eevee

    Eevee is a cute, fox-like Pokemon that has a fluffy tail and adorable floppy ears. Known for its incredible adaptability, Eevee can evolve into a range of different types, such as the fiery Flareon or the speedy Jolteon. No matter what form Eevee takes, it’s always irresistibly cute and cuddly.

  2. Mimikyu

    Mimikyu is a mischievous ghost-type Pokemon that likes to hide its true form under a Pikachu costume. Despite its spooky appearance, Mimikyu is incredibly cute and loves to play pranks on others. You can’t help but be intrigued by this mysterious Pokemon.

  3. Togepi

    Togepi is a small, chubby Pokemon with a shell on its back and a sweet, caring nature. Known for being extremely affectionate, Togepi is always eager to snuggle up with its trainers and share its love.

  4. Sylveon

    Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokemon that resembles a cute, fluffy dog with ribbon-like ears. It’s a popular choice among trainers for its adorable appearance and impressive battle skills.

  5. Pikachu

    Pikachu is the iconic yellow mouse Pokemon that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With its rosy cheeks and lightning bolt tail, Pikachu is the epitome of cuteness and a must-have for any Pokemon trainer.

  6. Jigglypuff

    Jigglypuff is a round, pink Pokemon with a soothing singing voice that can put anyone to sleep. Its lullaby is perfect for those days when you need a good nap. Jigglypuff is the perfect Pokemon to have around when you need some relaxation.

  7. Swablu

    Swablu is a small, fluffy blue bird Pokemon with cotton-like wings. It’s known for being a playful and curious creature that loves to explore its surroundings. With its potential to evolve into Altaria, Swablu is an exciting and cute addition to any Pokemon team.

  8. Teddiursa

    Teddiursa is a teddy bear-like Pokemon that always has a smile on its face. It’s a friendly and playful creature that loves to cuddle and play with its trainers. Teddiursa’s cuteness is only matched by its warm and loving personality.

  9. Minccino

    Minccino is a furry and playful Pokemon that loves to groom itself and stay clean. It’s obsessed with cleanliness, which makes it a unique and endearing addition to any Pokemon team.

  10. Chikorita

    Chikorita is a cute grass-type Pokemon that resembles a small dinosaur and has a leaf on its head. Its adorable appearance is matched by its ability to learn powerful moves and battle skills, making it a favorite among trainers.

  11.  Clefairy

    Clefairy is a pink, moon-shaped Pokemon that loves to dance and is often associated with the moon. Its whimsical nature and cute appearance make it a must-have for any Pokemon trainer.

  12. Skitty

    Skitty is a cat-like Pokemon with big, round eyes and a curly tail. It’s a playful and curious creature that loves to explore its surroundings and play with its trainers. Skitty’s cuteness is sure to make you smile.

  13. Mareep

    Mareep is a fluffy, sheep-like Pokemon that can produce electricity from its wool. Its unique abilities and adorable appearance make it a popular choice among trainers. Mareep is a cute and cuddly Pokemon that will warm your heart with its fluffy wool and playful nature.

  14. Buneary

    Buneary is a rabbit-like Pokemon with long, floppy ears and a fluffy tail. It’s a playful and energetic creature that loves to hop around and play with its trainers. Buneary’s cuteness is only matched by its impressive speed and agility.

  15. Pichu

    Pichu is the baby version of Pikachu and is known for being even cuter than its evolved form. With its tiny size and playful nature, Pichu is the perfect Pokemon to have around when you need a pick-me-up. Plus, it’s always exciting to see Pichu evolve into Pikachu as it grows stronger and cuter.


These Pokemon are not only cute and charming, but they also bring positive and uplifting energy to any team. Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re a seasoned trainer, these Pokemon will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

But it’s not just about their looks; these creatures also have unique personalities and abilities that make them great additions to any team. Some are fast and agile, while others are strong and resilient. Getting to know your cute Pokemon and watching them grow and evolve is part of what makes the journey so special.

And let’s not forget about the joy of sharing your cute Pokemon with others. These creatures are sure to bring smiles to the faces of anyone they meet, whether it’s a fellow trainer or a passerby on the street. They have a way of spreading happiness and positivity wherever they go, and who doesn’t need a little bit of that in their lives?

So, whether you’re looking to add some cuteness to your team or just need a little bit of happiness in your life, these 15 must-have cute Pokemon are the perfect choice. They are sure to make your day brighter and your heart fuller, and who knows—they may even help you catch ’em all!

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