All You Need to Know about Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

All You Need to Know about Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

As a fervent Pokemon Go player, you’re possibly aware of the allure and potency of Mewtwo, one of the most formidable and sought-after Pokemon in the game. Today, we’ll talk about Mewtwo, one of the strongest Pokemon. Let’s get into it!

Understanding Mewtwo

Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Mewtwo, a Psychic-type Legendary Pokemon, hails from the first generation of Pokemon games. It is an artificial creation derived from Mew’s DNA, boasting high damage and a variety of effective moves. Despite its origins, Mewtwo stands as one of the strongest Pokemon ever, making it a prized catch for trainers worldwide.

Mewtwo’s Battle Attributes

Mewtwo’s prowess lies in its damage-inflicting potential and resilience in battles. When using Confusion as its Fast Attack and Psystrike as its Charged Attack, Mewtwo delivers the highest damage-per-second (DPS) moveset it can wield. This makes it an essential addition to every Pokemon Go player’s roster.

Mewtwo’s Moves

Mewtwo is lauded for its diverse range of moves. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Confusion (Fast Psychic Move)
  • Psystrike (Charged Psychic Move)
  • Psychic (Charged Psychic Move)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost Psychic Move)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal Psychic Move)
  • Focus Blast (Fighting Psychic Move)

This wide array of moves makes Mewtwo a versatile combatant, capable of facing various types of Pokemon.

How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Now, the million-dollar question is – how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go? The quest to obtain Mewtwo involves participating in Five-Star Raids. Mewtwo does not appear in wild encounters like regular Pokemon, so participation in these raids is crucial.

Participating in Five-Star Raids

Mewtwo’s appearance in Five-Star Raids is not a regular occurrence but is limited to specific event windows. The last known appearance was between June 16 and July 1 in 2022. When battling Mewtwo in these raids, it’s advisable to use Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon, which counter Mewtwo’s Psychic-type. Team up with at least two trainers to increase your chances of success.

Achieving Success in Raids

In these raids, Mewtwo emerges as an even fiercer adversary. To win, players must formulate a clear strategy and execute it with precision. Some recommended Pokemon to use against Mewtwo include:

  • Pheromosa with Bug Bite (Bug-type Fast Move) and Bug Buzz (Bug-type Charged Move)
  • Chandelure with Hex (Ghost-type Fast Move) and Shadow Ball (Ghost-type Charged Move)
  • Gengar with Lick (Ghost-type Fast Move) and Shadow Ball (Ghost-type Charged Move)
  • Darkrai with Snarl (Dark-type Fast Move) and Dark Pulse (Dark-type Charged Move)

Catching Mewtwo

After successfully defeating Mewtwo in the raid, you’ll have to catch it. Use Razz, Golden Razz, and Silver Pinap berries to boost your capture chances. Remember, the task may be challenging, but the reward is worth it.

Alternate Versions of Mewtwo

Besides the standard version, Pokemon Go also features alternative versions of Mewtwo, such as Armored Mewtwo and Shadow Mewtwo. These variants offer a unique spin on the Mewtwo experience and are worth pursuing.

Getting Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo forms part of the Pokemon Go’s special events, just like the standard Mewtwo. It also appears in Five-Star Raids during specific events, making it another challenging but rewarding target for Pokemon Go trainers.

Getting Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo, another variant, is obtained differently. Instead of participating in a Five-Star Raid, you need to challenge the Team Go Rocket leader, Giovanni. He uses Shadow Mewtwo as his lead Pokemon, so defeating him will give you a chance to capture this unique variant.


Acquiring Mewtwo in Pokemon Go may seem like a monumental task, but with the right strategy and persistence, it’s entirely possible. Remember, every challenge in Pokemon Go is a chance to show your skills as a trainer, and there’s no greater test than the quest for Mewtwo. So, gear up, strategize, and embark on this thrilling journey. Mewtwo awaits!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the most recent data available. The appearance of Mewtwo in Five-Star Raids is subject to change based on the game’s updates and events. Always refer to the official Pokemon Go app for the most accurate information.

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