How to Evolve Farfetch'd in Pokémon Go

How to Evolve Farfetch’d in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go enthusiasts rejoice! The Galar variant of Farfetch’d has finally made its appearance in the game, and with it comes the opportunity to evolve it into the mighty Sirfetch’d. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to catch and evolve a Galarian Farfetch’d into a Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Go. So grab your Pokéballs and get ready to add another unique entry to your Pokédex.

Understanding Galarian Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Go

Before we dive into the evolution process, let’s take a moment to understand the significance of Galarian Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Go. Galarian Farfetch’d is a special variant Pokémon that was introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield as part of the Galar region. Unlike its Gen 1 counterpart, Galarian Farfetch’d is a fighting-type Pokémon.

Understanding Galarian Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd in Pokémon Go

Sirfetch’d, on the other hand, is a Gen 8 Pokémon that can only be obtained by evolving a Galarian Farfetch’d. It boasts impressive stats and a unique moveset, making it a valuable addition to any trainer’s team. Now, let’s move on to the exciting part – catching a Galarian Farfetch’d!

Catching a Galarian Farfetch’d in Pokémon Go

To catch a Galarian Farfetch’d in Pokémon Go, you have a couple of options. Firstly, Galarian Farfetch’d can be found in the wild during certain in-game events, such as the celebrations for the release of the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to explore the game during those times.

Additionally, Galarian Farfetch’d is currently part of the 7km egg pool. You can obtain 7km eggs by opening gifts from friends, as long as you have an empty egg slot in your Pokémon Storage. Keep hatching those eggs, and with a bit of luck, you might just find a Galarian Farfetch’d.

Evolving Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Go

Once you’ve successfully caught a Galarian Farfetch’d, the next step is to evolve it into Sirfetch’d. This evolution process involves a few specific requirements, so make sure to follow these steps carefully.

  1. Set Galarian Farfetch’d as your Buddy Pokémon: First and foremost, you need to set your Galarian Farfetch’d as your Buddy Pokémon. This can be done by selecting the Pokémon and choosing the “Set as Buddy” option.

  2. Collect Farfetch’d Candy: To evolve Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d, you’ll need to collect 50 Farfetch’d Candy. You can obtain Farfetch’d Candy by catching more Galarian Farfetch’d or by transferring them to Professor Willow.

  3. Make Excellent Throws: While Galarian Farfetch’d is your Buddy Pokémon, you must make 10 Excellent throws. These throws do not have to be consecutive, and the counter will not reset if you switch your Buddy Pokémon. To increase your chances of making Excellent throws, try focusing on Pokémon with larger catch circles, such as Mr. Mime or Wailmer. You can also use Nanab Berries to slow down a Pokémon’s movements, making it easier to land an Excellent throw.

Galarian Farfetch’d Moveset in Pokémon Go

Now that you have evolved your Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d, let’s take a look at its moveset. A Pokémon’s moveset determines the attacks it can use in battles, so it’s essential to understand Sirfetch’d’s capabilities. Here are the Fast and Charged moves that Sirfetch’d can learn in Pokémon Go:

Fast Moves:

  • Counter (Fighting)
  • Fury Cutter (Bug)

Charged Moves:

  • Brave Bird (Flying)
  • Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Leaf Blade (Grass)
  • Night Slash (Dark)

Tips and Tricks for Training Your Sirfetch’d

Now that you have a fully evolved Sirfetch’d, it’s time to train and strengthen it for battles. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize your Sirfetch’d’s potential:

  1. Utilize the Scope Lens and Leek: Equip your Sirfetch’d with a Scope Lens to increase its critical hit ratio. Additionally, you can obtain a Leek from a wild Farfetch’d, which also boosts the critical hit rate. Combine these items with the move Focus Energy to ensure that Sirfetch’d lands critical hits consistently.

  2. Breed for Night Slash: If you want to enhance Sirfetch’d’s moveset, consider breeding it with a Pokémon that knows Night Slash as an Egg Move. Night Slash is a high-critical-hit move that can be obtained before reaching Level 55, allowing you to have a more diverse and powerful set of attacks.

  3. Practice Excellent Throws: Excellent throws can make a significant difference in battles, so it’s essential to master this skill. Practice making Excellent throws on Pokémon with larger catch circles to improve your accuracy. Remember to use Nanab Berries to make the Pokémon’s movements more predictable and increase your chances of landing an Excellent throw.

  4. Train against Resistant Pokémon: To further strengthen Sirfetch’d, battle against Pokémon that are resistant to its Grass and Fighting type attacks. For example, you can challenge Metapod in the Rolling Fields area, as they are resistant to Grass and Fighting moves. This allows you to prolong the battle and increase your chances of landing the critical hits you need to maximize Sirfetch’d’s potential.

  5. Take Advantage of Post-Game Opportunities: If you have completed the main storyline and are in the post-game phase, look for an Lv. 60 Magikarp to battle against. By switching out your Pokémon after landing three critical hits, you can keep training Sirfetch’d against Magikarp until it reaches its full potential.

Training and evolving your Sirfetch’d is a continuous process. Keep exploring the world of Pokémon Go, participate in events, and challenge other trainers to strengthen your team and become a Pokémon Master.


Congratulations on evolving your Galarian Farfetch’d into the mighty Sirfetch’d! With its impressive moveset and unique abilities, Sirfetch’d is a valuable asset in battles. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing the tips and tricks provided, you can maximize Sirfetch’d’s potential and become a formidable trainer in Pokémon Go. So go out there, catch ’em all, and let your Sirfetch’d shine in battles!

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