Ursaluna: The Complete Guide for Pokémon GO Enthusiasts

Ursaluna: The Complete Guide for Pokémon GO Enthusiasts

Ursaluna, a legendary Pokémon, made its debut in Pokémon GO during the Lunar New Year event in 2024. This creature is both Normal and Psychic types, resembling a massive panda with a crescent moon marking on its forehead. Rumored to control the moon’s phases and ocean tides, Ursaluna is a unique addition to the Pokémon world.

If you’re a Pokémon GO player eager to capture, battle, and evolve this extraordinary Pokémon, you’re in the right spot. Our guide will walk you through all the essentials about Ursaluna, covering its origin, appearance, stats, movesets, evolution, and the best strategies for success.

How to Snag Ursaluna in Pokémon GO

Encountering Ursaluna is exclusive to five-star raids. To take on this challenge, assemble a team and use a raid pass. Catching Ursaluna isn’t a breeze, with a mere 2% base catch rate. Boost your chances by:

  • Employing a Golden Razz Berry before each throw for a 2.5 times catch rate.
  • Opting for a Premier Ball or Poké Ball Plus, which have higher catch rates than regular Poké Balls.
  • Adding a spin to your throw, known as a curveball, for a 1.7 times multiplier.
  • Landing an excellent or great throw circle, granting a 1.5 or 1.3 times multiplier, respectively.
  • Holding a gold medal for both Normal and Psychic types, providing a 1.3 times multiplier for each type.
  • Benefiting from a weather boost, especially during partly cloudy or windy weather, which increases Ursaluna’s catch rate.

Mastering Ursaluna in Battles and Raids in Pokémon GO

Ursaluna proves its versatility and strength across various battle scenarios, excelling in gym battles, raids, and PvP. Boasting a 300 attack stat, 212 defense stat, and 214 stamina stat, Ursaluna comes equipped with movesets suitable for different Pokémon types.

Mastering Ursaluna in Battles and Raids in Pokémon GO

The top Ursaluna moveset includes Zen Headbutt and Moonblast. Zen Headbutt, a swift Psychic-type move, powers up Moonblast, a potent Fairy-type move with a 30% chance to lower the opponent’s attack. This combo ensures Ursaluna deals super effective damage to Fighting, Dragon, and Dark types while resisting damage from Psychic and Ghost types.

Alternatively, consider the Lick and Hyper Beam moveset. Lick, a quick Normal-type move, charges up Hyper Beam, a powerful Normal-type move dealing massive damage. This setup enables Ursaluna to inflict neutral damage to most Pokémon types and resist damage from Ghost types.

For gym battles and raids, pair Ursaluna with robust allies like:

  • Metagross: A Steel and Psychic type, dealing super effective damage to Rock, Ice, and Fairy types.
  • Machamp: A Fighting type, excelling against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark types.
  • Togekiss: A Fairy and Flying type, effective against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark types.

In PvP, tailor Ursaluna’s moveset and team based on the league and meta. For the Master League, where there’s no CP limit, use Ursaluna’s Zen Headbutt and Moonblast moveset and pair it with counters like:

  • Dialga: A Dragon and Steel type, effective against Dragon, Rock, Ice, and Fairy types.
  • Giratina-Origin: A Ghost and Dragon type, strong against Psychic, Ghost, and Dragon types.
  • Mewtwo: A Psychic type, dealing super effective damage to Fighting and Poison types.

Unveiling Ursaluna’s Evolution in Pokémon GO

Ursaluna, a legendary Pokémon, doesn’t have a pre-evolution or post-evolution. However, it possesses a special form achievable through a Lunar Stone. Obtain this rare item by completing specific tasks or events in Pokémon GO.

To evolve Ursaluna into its Lunar Form, gather 100 Ursaluna candies, one Lunar Stone, and walk 10 km with Ursaluna as your buddy. Once these criteria are met, tap the evolve button to witness Ursaluna’s transformation.

The Lunar Form features a silver fur with a full moon on its forehead and a pink scarf around its neck. It sports higher attack and defense stats but a lower stamina stat. The optimal moveset for the Lunar Form includes Charm and Moonblast, allowing it to deal super effective damage to Fighting, Dragon, and Dark types.

Another viable moveset for the Lunar Form involves Lick and Play Rough, offering neutral damage to most Pokémon types and resistance against Ghost types. Obtain this rare and exclusive Pokémon by evolving Ursaluna with a Lunar Stone, enhancing your collection with its unique design and powerful performance.

In Conclusion

Ursaluna, introduced during the 2024 Lunar New Year event, stands as a remarkable Pokémon in Pokémon GO. With its Normal and Psychic types, panda-like appearance, and potent movesets, Ursaluna is a force to be reckoned with.

This guide covers every facet of Ursaluna, from capturing it to battling and raiding, and even evolving it into its Lunar Form. We hope this comprehensive guide has deepened your understanding and appreciation for this rare and powerful Pokémon.

Feel free to share any questions or feedback about Ursaluna in the comments below. If you found this guide helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and fellow Pokémon GO players.

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