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11 Best Ice Type Pokemon Of 2023

As I write this post, I can feel the weather turning a bit chilly. So, I think it’s the right time to discuss the best Ice type Pokemon you can add to your team. 

No matter what kind of creature you have in your team, including an Ice Pokemon will surely give you an edge in the game. With the best Ice Pokemon, you can chill your opponent to the bone and win many difficult battles.  

Remember that Ice is one of the divisive elemental types in Pokemon games. Although the Ice Pokemon can take down Grass, Dragon, Ground, and Flying type Pokemon, they don’t have any significant resistance. 

Since the number of Ice Pokemon is limited, it’s important to know which one can make a meaningful addition to your team and which ones should be left out. 

If you are interested in adding Ice power to your team, look no further. We have curated a list of 11 of the best Ice Pokemon that will not disappoint you with their performance. 

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Table of Contents 

  • Aurorus 
  • Avalugg 
  • Weaville 
  • Alolan Ninetales 
  • Glaceon 
  • Regice 
  • Mamoswine 
  • Iron Bundle 
  • Mega Abomasnow 
  • Kyurem 
  • Articuno 


#11 Aurorus 

Do you remember the whole bunch of fossil Pokemon that came into the scene while we were still playing Pokemon X & Y? They bumped Aerodactyl and Omanyte to one side. One such Pokemon is Aurorus. 

While Aurorus is a fossil, it knows all the interesting tricks to help you beat your opponents. This diamond-sporting dino has some of the best Ice type moves, which will blow your mind. 

The best type of move of Aurorus is Freeze Dry, which can defeat even the best Water type Pokemon. It also has a Special Attack base of 99 twinned with lots of Ice moves. This feature makes Aurorus a formidable opponent in even extreme conditions. 

But if you wish to get a guaranteed win with your Pokemon Aurorus, you must get your move in first and get to a high level.  


#10 Avalugg 

Avalugg deserves a spot on this list mainly because of its height. It is one strong critter that you cannot avoid having in your group. 

If there were a bunch of Ice Pokemon, almost all of them would run away after seeing Avalugg because it is huge. In fact, it has high HP, attack stats, and defense. That means it can withstand hit after hit and then strike with a Goliath blow to defeat its enemy.  

While no Ice Pokemon can withstand the attacks and power of Avalugg, this beast becomes weak against Steel, Rock, Fighting, and best Fire type Pokemon. 


#9 Weavile 

After making an appearance in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Weavile has become a fan-favorite. Its cool look and appearance can never go unnoticed. Weavile has an impressive 125 stat combined with a 120 attack stat. 

This Ice type Pokemon is surely one of the best physical attackers in the franchise. Blink, and you will miss it; Weavile is that fast. So, if your opponent makes any mistake in front of this Pokemon, they will lose the battle.  

Just like Avalugg, Weavile also has some negative features. For example, it has a bit of a weak defense. But when it combines Dark and Ice type moves, it can unleash deadly attacks, leaving the opponent injured. 

Remember that Fighting, Fire, Steel, Bug, Rock, and Fairy type Pokemon can make short work of it. But you can bring out the best of Weavile by playing tactically. 


#8 Alolan Ninetales 

Many of you might be surprised to see Alolan Ninetales on this list. But heat us out: Ninetails live in the cold and snow-capped mountains of Alola. While it doesn’t like disturbing anyone, it surely is a beast. 

It’s, in fact, one of the fastest types of Pokemon with 109 speed stat. Plus, it has 100 Special Defense stat. Alolan Ninetales’s unique appearance makes it different from other Ice Pokemon. 

If you liked the performance of the original Ninetails, you would love Alolan Ninetales even more. 

This creature comes with a combo of Aurora Veil and Snow Warning. But it cannot stand strong against Steel type Pokemon. So, you must avoid getting it out against Registeel.

The fact that Alolan Ninetales is both Ice and Fairy Pokemon indicates it can bring a blast of amazing moves to your team. Use this unique Pokemon in the right setting and watch your opponent quiver in fear or shiver with cold. 


#7 Glaceon 

Glaceon is another Ice type Pokemon that is quite popular among Eevee fans. Just like Pikachu, Eevee is also famous among Pokemon fans. Plus, the fans also liked the different variations of Eevee that came from ‘eevolving’ it. 

Glaceon is a perfect example of one of many evolutions of Eevee. In no time, this Pokemon has become a fan favorite. It has a different defense stat that allows it to cope with many hits. 

Glaceon has a Special Attack stat that cannot miss. Right strategic mind, careful leveling up, and powerful TMs can make this Pokemon a great addition to any team. 


#6 Regice 

Among different creatures in Hoenn, Regice is a legendary Ice type Pokemon. Although this Pokemon is slow, it can help you defeat opponents. 

Don’t worry; Regice won’t go down quickly in a battle because its 100 base defense and 200 Special defense keep it going. 

But just like any other Pokemon, this frozen fighter is plagued with weakness. Regice, however, doesn’t fall flat on the ground like other Ice Pokemon against brutal attacks. 


#5 Mamoswine

Mamoswine is a popular creature in the franchise. It has a reputation for being a formidable Pokemon because of its dual Ice-Ground typing. 

With huge icy tusks, Mamoswine is no less than a force reckoned that opponents fear on the battlefield. This creature has unique coverage options with STAB moves like high horsepower, earthquake, and ice fangs. 

Mamoswine might look a lot bulkier than it actually is. While it’s an Ice type Pokemon, it performs the best as a Ground-type Pokemon. It has a low 80 Defense Stat and 60 Special Defense Stat, but it does have 110 HP, which allows it to perform powerfully. 

While mammoths have become extinct, you can consider keeping Mamoswine on your team. 


#4 Iron Bundle 

Are you wondering how this Pokemon got a spot in the best Ice type Pokemon list? Iron Bundle surely has metallic chap and looks a lot like metal Delibird, but it proudly falls under the Water and Ice types Pokemon category.  

It’s a Paradox Pokemon, a new variation from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This Robo-bird can defeat enemies with its Quark Drive. Plus, speed is one of its best stats. 

The great move gives it an amazing boost, which allows it to strike first. While Iron Bundle is a cool Pokemon, it cannot withstand Grass, Electric, Rock, and Fighting type Pokemon. 


#3 Mega Abomasnow 

Mega Abomasnow is a majestic-looking Pokemon you would love to have on your team. It looks almost like a gigantic origami snowflake but with the world’s worst paper cut. 

The 240 base Attack and 191 base Defense help Mega Abomasnow take down each opponent that comes in its path. 

You will be glad to know that this creature is both Ice and Grass type Pokemon. But this means Mega Abomasnow cannot fight against Fire moves and Flying type Pokemon. 

It has the ability to use strong moves like Razor Leaf, which allows it to deal with Ground and Water type Pokemon. 

Overall, Mega Abomasnow is not just a good all-rounder but also the most powerful and strong all-rounder in the franchise. So, you cannot miss having it on your team. 


#2 Kyurem

Our next recommendation is Black Kyurem, which looks incredibly amazing. Not to mention, it’s an official Pokedex entry. It brings the amazing power of Ice type Pokemon to the table. 

It has 130 Attacks and 130 Special attacks, which allows it to fight just like Ice Beam and Draco Meteor. This Pokemon is like a fridge freezer crossed with a dragon. 

Both White and Black Kyurem are great creatures to be added to your team. These Pokemon have moves like Outrage and Blizzard, which makes them strong monsters in the franchise. 

But Kyurem cannot defend itself from Fairy and Steel type Pokemon. However, it can easily defeat Grass, Water, and Electric type Pokemon. 


#1 Articuno 

Our last entry is Articuno, undoubtedly one of the best Ice type Pokemon. This original legendary bird is a fantastic frosty ally you would love to have by your side. 

Articuno is a must-have because it is a Flying and Ice type Pokemon. Hence, it can easily defeat Ground and Grass type Pokemon. 

Articuno is surely a powerful leader with Special Attacks that can allow you to defeat enemies each time. The high HP and defense of this Pokemon always come in handy. 

But this Pokemon’s biggest drawback is that it has very few resistances. If you manage to avoid this issue, Articuno can be a great addition to your team. 

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