15 Best Dog Pokemon Of 2023

15 Best Dog Pokemon Of 2023

There is a vast variety of Pokémon in the Pokémon universe, each with its own set of skills and strengths. Dog Pokémon, which range from the lovable Pikachu to the majestic Suicune, are diverse in appearance and how they can be used. 

Pokémon has won over many trainers’ hearts with canine themes. Based on player feedback and the current metagame, these rankings should help trainers in their quest to assemble the best possible canine-themed team. 

These elite Pokémon will add excitement and difficulty to your trip if you’re a seasoned veteran and just starting in the Pokémon world. This post will acknowledge the 15 Best Dog Pokemon Of 2023.

15 Best Dog Pokemon Of 2023

#1 Arcanine


Arcanine ranks among the strongest canine Pokémon. As one of the original 151 Pokémon, it has a great deal of fame and has not been adequately challenged by any other Pokémon resembling dogs. Growlithe, a fan favourite Pokémon and a regular sidekick to Officer Jenny were one of the earliest Pokémon to evolve to resemble a dog.

Its defence is its weakest point, yet even at 80, it’s still a respectable number for a Pokémon of the Fire type. It is one of the canine-like Pokémon to evolve into the Hisuian form when its stats are even higher and paired with a Rock-type.

#2 Houndoom


Houndoom is unique among Pokémon in that it can Mega Evolve and is both a Dark and a Fire type. It can learn a vast array of powerful moves from both types. Houndoom is Powerful across the board, with moves like Inferno that are devastating but inconsistently precise and Foul Play and Flamethrower that never miss and are consistently powerful.

Houndoom can learn several very powerful moves, and when combined with its height (it is not uncommon for a Houndoom to be over four feet tall) and speed, it can become a very formidable Pokémon.

It has excellent attack numbers and is swift, though not the fastest. Its poor defence metrics make it weak, but its high offence stats make it quite powerful on offence.

#3 Zoroark


Like Granbull, Zoroark is a canine Pokémon that can walk on two legs. Its ability to make its opponent believe it is someone or a place has produced issues in battle and regular life. One of Zoro ark’s most powerful attacks is its Illusion ability.

Its ability is its main source of Strength, but the “Illusion Fox Pokémon” also benefits from many other potent traits that make it a formidable opponent. Compared to other canine-type Pokémon, it has among the greatest attack values. 

In addition to its offensive prowess, Zoroark is renowned for its speed, which not only aids in its ability to create convincing illusions and also allows it to attack rapidly, packing a hefty punch.

#4 Rockruff


Among the cutest of the good boys, Rockruff is a Generation VII staple and a Rock-type Pokémon. This canine-like Pokémon is covered in brown fur and has dark brown ears, a short muzzle, and tufts of hair on both cheeks. Its sociability makes it ideal for inexperienced trainers and forms strong attachments with many of them.

Due to their Rock type, these canines are effective against other Pokémon of the Flying, Poison, Normal, & Poison types. Rockruff’s attack is its strongest suit, and it’s also pretty fast (60), thanks to its speed number. Pokemon of this kind are vulnerable to the Fighting, Grass, Steel, & Water types, yet might be useful to invest inside and evolve for long-term success.

#5 Houndour


In Generation II, Houndour evolves from Houndoom at level 24 to a Dark/Fire-type Pokémon. The fur surrounding its muzzle and belly is orange, setting this dog apart from other dark canines. 

Its grey back is marked with ridges, and its ankles are banded with white. Hondurans are extremely loyal to one another and won’t leave a sick or injured pack member. Pokémon become extremely devoted to their handlers because of their loyalty to their trainers when properly trained. 

The 80 special attack and 65-speed points give this popular Pokémon good offensive and defensive capabilities. While they may not be the strongest Pokémon here, they can still hold their own against Steel, Dark, & Ice types.

#6 Suicune


The Pokémon Crystal mascot Suicune is a slender, blue dog-like animal with just a thick purple mane designed to evoke the aurora borealis. A Legendary Pokémon first seen in Generation II, Suicune is a rare and powerful creature. 

It is one of the three Legendary Dog Pokémon brought back to life by Ho-Oh alongside Raikou and Entei. This Pokémon, said to personify the arctic winds, can easily cross bodies of water and purify polluted water with just a touch.

With a high HP and defence stat of 115 overall and 115 in special, Suicune is a formidable opponent. It is vulnerable to Electric and Grass types but has a high attack against Water, Steel, Ice, & Fire because of its water typing. When used strategically, this Pokémon may easily defeat multiple opponents.

#7 Lycanroc


Lycanroc is a Pokémon that looks much like a wolf. This Pokémon may change into its Day, Night, or Dusk forms. Although all three are classified as Rock-types, they all have different sets of obtainable abilities, and each is ranked highly by Ranker as a top Rock-type Pokémon.

Although all guises of Lycanroc are formidable, the Dusk Form may be the most potent. The Dusk Form has ridiculously high attack and speed stats, and the rest of the numbers are pretty decent, too. 

Despite being vulnerable to attacks from other Pokémon, its high numbers make many of its moves more effective against types it might not typically be strong against.

#8 Boltund


Boltund is an Electric-type Pokémon that resembles a dog. It evolved from Yamper, the “Puppy Pokémon” that resembles a Corgi. The “Dog Pokémon,” Boltund, amplifies its speed with electricity to justify its nickname.

This dog Pokémon has powerful attacks and can strike quickly. Despite being classified as an Electric type only, this Pokémon often uses various types in its attacks. Boltund’s highest stats are speed and attack; therefore, whatsoever movements the user chooses to give it, they should be used.

#9 Granbull


Another canine-like Pokémon is the Granbull, which resembles a bulldog when it stands on its hind legs. Its black neckpiece, which resembles a collar, only adds to the canine impression created by this Pokémon.

When it debuted as part of Generation II, this Pokémon’s type was Normal. It wasn’t changed to a Fairy type until Pokémon Generation VI was released. Its size and bulk provide powerful strikes regardless of type, but Granbull’s sluggish speed makes it vulnerable to its foes. If it weren’t so slow, it would be much more powerful.

#10 Furfrou 


The Pokémon anime features a red and blue Furfrou. For trainers who value individuality in their Pokémon, Furfrou is an excellent choice. Furfrou, commonly referred to as the “Poodle Pokémon,” resembles a regular poodle in appearance. It’s a Normal-type Pokémon with multiple appearances depending on how it’s been groomed.

Although it lacks the notoriety of other Pokémon with canine appearances, Furfrou is rather potent. It has above-average attack stats but not the best; nonetheless, it makes up for this with its incredible speed. Furfrou is so quick that it often launches an assault before its foe can react.

#11 Poochyena


At level 18, this Pokémon can evolve into its previous form, Poochyena. It’s much bigger now, with thick black and grey fur and piercing crimson eyes, and it’s also lost none of its prior forms’ ferocity. Like wolves, Mightyenas hunt in packs in the wild, working together to bring down their prey.

Its attack is 90, its speed is 70, its defence is 60, and its special attack & defence are both 60, making it a well-rounded Pokémon. Like its pre-evolution, it has the most trouble with Psychic kinds but is immune to Dark and Ghosts.

#12 Umbreon


Umbreon When Eevee is evolved in the main series with a strong friendship at night or in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness with just a moon shard, it becomes a Dark-type Pokémon. 

The black Umbreon’s body is marked with yellow markings, which light up in the dark or when the Pokémon gets thrilled. It hunts at night and has excellent night vision to assist it in finding prey.

This Pokémon can hold its own in battle thanks to a 130 in special defence and a 110 in general defence. While it struggles against Pokémon of the Fighting, Bug, and Fairy types, it thrives against those of the Psychic, Dark, and Ghost varieties.

#13 Jolteon


Jolteon Electric-type Pokémon evolves from Eevee when it comes into contact with a Thunder Stone. This Pokémon resembles a dog/porcupine hybrid because of its yellow, electrically charged fur & spikey tail fringe.

This Pokémon has an organ within the lungs that generates electricity, allowing it to launch lightning bolts up to 10,000 volts. With a stunning speed of 130 and a devastating special attack, Jolteon is a Pokémon that can’t be ignored (110). It isn’t the strongest Pokémon, but it may still be a shock to Flying- and Water-types.

#14 Eevee


Eevee She is the starting Pokémon of an opponent in Pokémon Yellow, and she has a Gigantamax Form that makes her look even bigger and fluffier. As a Normal type, they are effective against Ghost types but vulnerable to Fighting types. Eevees are popular pets because of the many stages they can evolve, but they are adorable even in their undeveloped stages.

#15 Entei


The dog-like Pokemon known as Entei has been present since Generation II, and it is one of the two Legendary Dogs that also includes Raikou. Entei is huge, and he looks a lot like a Mastiff dog.

This Pokémon is imposing in both the video game and anime adaptations, thanks to its dark fur, sharp grey spikes down its flanks, and a cloud of smoke trailing its length.


Entei, the god of volcanoes, is thought to embody the destructive force of magma and to be able to erupt with an explosive fireball that consumes everything in its path.

This Pokémon isn’t playing around; it has 115 attacks, 115 HP, 100 speed, & 90 special attacks, making it a powerful ally or adversary. Although Entei is sensitive to Ground, Water, & Rock, it can be useful in difficult battles against the correct types if you manage to recruit one.


There are Pokémon for every style of trainer, from the strong and ferocious Entei to the elegant and playful Pikachu. Dog Pokémon of any level will add adventure and difficulty to their trainer’s Pokémon journey. 

The dog-type Pokémon mentioned above are excellent choices whether you need a strong attacker or a reliable comrade. 

Although these rankings are based on the latest metagame & popular opinion, feel free to experiment with different dog Pokémon to find the one that best suits your playstyle. We hope you have acknowledged everything regarding the 15 best dog pokemon of 2023.

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