Dragonite in Pokémon GO: The Ultimate Moveset Guide

Dragonite in Pokémon GO: The Ultimate Moveset Guide

Dragonite, the iconic pseudo-legendary Pokémon, has always been a force to be reckoned with in the Pokémon franchise. Whether it’s dominating battles in the main series games or wreaking havoc in Pokémon GO, Dragonite is a powerhouse. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best moveset for Dragonite in Pokémon GO, covering both PvP and PvE scenarios. So, if you want to unleash the true potential of your Dragonite, read on!

Understanding Dragonite’s Moveset

Best Dragonite Moveset
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Dragonite in Pokémon GO has a wide range of moves at its disposal, but the key is to choose wisely. With only a limited number of moves that can be active at a time, it’s crucial to select the ones that complement Dragonite’s strengths and cover its weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at Dragonite’s moveset options.

Fast Attacks

Dragonite can learn three different Fast Attacks:

  1. Dragon Breath (Dragon-type)
  2. Dragon Tail (Dragon-type)
  3. Steel Wing (Steel-type)

Each of these Fast Attacks has its advantages and disadvantages. Dragon Breath is widely considered the best option, as it deals solid damage and benefits from Dragonite’s Dragon typing. Dragon Tail is a viable alternative, offering slightly more damage. However, Steel Wing is generally best avoided due to its lower effectiveness.

Charged Attacks

Dragonite has an impressive selection of five Charged Attacks:

  1. Dragon Claw (Dragon-type)
  2. Hurricane (Flying-type)
  3. Hyper Beam (Normal-type)
  4. Outrage (Dragon-type)
  5. Draco Meteor (Dragon-type)

When it comes to Charged Attacks, Dragon Claw stands out as a top choice. It is a low-cost move that allows Dragonite to deal significant Dragon-type damage. Hurricane and Hyper Beam are also excellent options, offering Flying-type and Normal-type coverage respectively. Outrage can be useful for Dragon-type damage, but its DPS is lower compared to other options. Draco Meteor, while powerful, is only available through special events.

Legacy Charged Attacks

Dragonite has two Legacy Charged Attacks:

  1. Draco Meteor (Dragon-type)
  2. Dragon Pulse (Dragon-type)

Legacy Charged Attacks are potent moves that can turn the tide of battle. Of the two options, Draco Meteor is the superior choice. It boasts high damage and is a great addition to Dragonite’s moveset.

The Best Moveset for Dragonite in Pokémon GO

Now that we understand Dragonite’s moveset options, let’s dive into the best moveset for Dragonite in Pokémon GO. This moveset is optimized for both PvP and PvE scenarios, allowing Dragonite to unleash its full potential.

Best Fast Attack: Dragon Tail

Out of the three Fast Attacks available to Dragonite, Dragon Tail emerges as the clear winner. It deals higher base damage and benefits from Dragonite’s Dragon typing, granting a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB). Dragon Tail is the go-to Fast Attack for maximizing Dragonite’s performance in battles.

Best Charged Attack: Hurricane

When it comes to Charged Attacks, Hurricane takes the crown as the best choice for Dragonite’s moveset. Not only does it have solid base damage, but it also benefits from Dragonite’s Flying typing, granting additional STAB. With Hurricane, Dragonite can unleash devastating Flying-type attacks against its opponents.

Best Legacy Charged Attack: Draco Meteor

Among Dragonite’s Legacy Charged Attacks, Draco Meteor reigns supreme. With its high damage output, Draco Meteor is a game-changer in battles. Although it can only be obtained through special events, if you have a Dragonite with Draco Meteor, you possess a powerful weapon.

Now that we’ve covered the best moveset for Dragonite in Pokémon GO, let’s explore the overall effectiveness of Dragonite in different gameplay scenarios.

Dragonite’s Effectiveness in Pokémon GO

Dragonite is a formidable Pokémon in both PvP and PvE battles. Its impressive stats and diverse moveset make it a top contender in various gameplay settings. Let’s take a closer look at Dragonite’s effectiveness in different scenarios.

PvP Battles

In PvP battles, Dragonite shines as a force to be reckoned with. Its high Attack stat and powerful moveset make it a fearsome opponent. Dragonite’s Dragon-type moves, such as Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor, deal significant damage, while its Flying-type move, Hurricane, provides valuable coverage. Additionally, Dragonite’s resistances to Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Water-type attacks give it an edge over many opponents. With the right moveset and strategy, Dragonite can be a reliable choice for both the Ultra League and the Master League.

PvE Battles

Dragonite also excels in PvE battles, where it can unleash its devastating attacks against Raid Bosses and Team GO Rocket. Its high Attack stat, coupled with its Dragon-type moves, makes it a formidable attacker. Dragonite’s resistance to Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Water-type attacks come in handy when facing Raid Bosses with those typings. Whether you’re taking on a Legendary Raid Boss or battling against Team GO Rocket Grunts, Dragonite is a reliable choice for dealing significant damage.


Dragonite is a true powerhouse in Pokémon GO, capable of dominating battles in both PvP and PvE scenarios. By equipping Dragonite with the best moveset, including Dragon Tail as the Fast Attack, Hurricane as the Charged Attack, and Draco Meteor as the Legacy Charged Attack, you can unleash its full potential. With its high Attack stat, diverse moveset, and favorable resistances, Dragonite is a formidable Pokémon that should not be underestimated. So, go out there, catch your Dragonite, and conquer the world of Pokémon GO!

Remember, the key to success is strategic moveset selection and careful planning. With Dragonite by your side, victory is within reach. Train hard, battle smart, and become a true Pokémon Master!

Disclaimer: Pokémon GO is a dynamic game, and movesets and strategies may change over time. Stay updated with the latest game updates and balance changes to ensure the optimal performance of your Dragonite.

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