Pokemon Go Glitch: The Party Play Bug That's Driving Players Crazy

Pokemon Go Glitch: The Party Play Bug That’s Driving Players Crazy

Pokemon Go has been a source of joy and excitement for millions of players around the world. However, recently, a troublesome glitch has been plaguing the game, causing frustration and annoyance among players. This glitch, known as the “Party Play Bug,” is preventing players from accessing the Party Play feature and is leaving them stuck on the Party Challenge menu. In this article, we will explore the causes of this glitch, and its impact on players, and provide some possible solutions to fix the issue.

The Party Play Bug: A Game-Breaking Glitch

The Party Play feature in Pokemon Go allows players to team up with their friends and complete various challenges together. It’s a great way to enhance the social aspect of the game and foster collaboration among players. However, the recent Party Play Bug has turned this exciting feature into a nightmare for many.

The Experience of Affected Players

Players who have encountered the Party Play Bug have reported being stuck on the Party Challenge menu, unable to proceed or exit the screen. This bug effectively renders the game unplayable for an extended period. Frustration has been mounting as players have tried various troubleshooting methods, such as restarting the game or even reinstalling it, with no success in resolving the issue.

The Divided Community

The Party Play Bug has caused a rift within the Pokemon Go community. Some players who haven’t experienced the bug are highlighting the benefits of the Party Play feature and downplaying the severity of the issue. On the other hand, those affected by the glitch are expressing their frustration and disappointment with Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, for their apparent nonchalance towards resolving the bug.

Niantic’s Response

Niantic has acknowledged the Party Play Bug on Twitter and has advised affected players to wait for the session to end, as the bug seems to be tied to the duration of the party. However, this response has not satisfied many players, who feel that Niantic should be more proactive in addressing the issue. Some players have reported that the bug has persisted for days, and Niantic’s lack of action has only added to their frustration.

Possible Solutions to Fix the Party Play Bug

While Niantic works on resolving the Party Play Bug, there are a few potential solutions that players can try to alleviate the issue.

1. Get Your Device Going Again

When your device acts up, a quick fix is to turn it off and then on again. This can clear out any small problems that might be causing trouble with the game. It might not always fix the Party Play Bug, but it’s a good first try.

2. Turn on Party Play Yourself

If you’re using a kid’s account for Pokemon Go, there might be a problem with permissions that stops you from using Party Play. To fix this, you can make Party Play work by doing these steps:

  • Open Pokemon Go and log in as the grown-up.
  • Tap the Menu and pick the kid’s account.
  • Go to Pokemon Go Settings.
  • In the settings, tap “Permissions for Your Child.”
  • Tick the box for “Party Play.”
  • Save your changes and restart your device.

3. Get in Touch with Support

If nothing else works, talking to Pokemon Go’s support team is a good idea. They can give you special help and check into the problem more. Remember to tell them all the info they need, like what device you’re using, details about your account, and a clear explanation of the problem.


The Party Play Bug in Pokemon Go has undoubtedly caused frustration and disappointment among players. While the glitch persists, it’s important to remember that every software program encounters hiccups from time to time. Niantic’s response to this bug has been less than satisfactory for many players, but it’s crucial to exercise patience and give them time to address the issue.

In the meantime, players can try restarting their devices or enabling the Party Play Tab manually. If these solutions don’t work, reaching out to Pokemon Go’s customer support is recommended. Together, as a community, we can support each other and find ways to navigate through these challenges. Let’s hope that Niantic resolves the Party Play Bug soon so that we can get back to enjoying the full Pokemon Go experience.

“Amid the Party Play Bug, let’s remember to be patient and supportive of each other. Together, we can overcome any glitch that comes our way.” – Pokemon Go Player.

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