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How to Get Glaceon in Pokémon GO?

After the massive update in 2017, Pokémon Go, the original evolution of Eevee, became the most desirable Pokémon among players worldwide.

People gradually increased catching Eevee, a Pokémon with a cute rabbit-like appearance which becomes pretty destructive when evoked. In the game, Eevee is the only Pokémon with so much potential, and it does not follow any strategic line of evolution.  

Glaceon standing

As we cannot find the Glaceon in the wood, the only way is to evolve your Eevee to its following form.

To do that, you would need a bunch of Eevee candy, like 25 – 50 Eevee candies and 200 coins.

There are two tricks to get Glaceon, the first is the name trick, and the second is the lure modules. 

The first trick is called the name trick, which asks you to change the name of Eevee to its Evolutionary form. Every form of Eevee has an evolution name. These evolution names are used in evolving them to their specific forms.

Next is the Lure Modules, which says to activate the glacial lure at your nearest pokestop. Then move to your inventory and click on Eevee. If you get to see a silhouette of its evolved form, hit the evolve button to complete the process.

These two are the sure-shot evolution method. These methods are explained in detail down below.

Now, before we get started, let us take a glance at Glaceon’s stat and all.



Like Leafeon, Glaceon is a four-legged mammal and has a similar appearance to an arctic animal. It boasts its light blue fur with the diamond-shaped pattern on its back, tail, and ears in a dark blue shade.

Glaceon showcases its cerulean blue cap feature on its head with two long strips hanging from both sides. It has a short feline muzzle with a small triangular-shaped nose with sharp ears.

 The tail of Glaceon is long with a dark blue shade that has a pointed tip at the end.

It has tiny paws and feet, which are blue.

The shiny and vibrant pattern of Glaceon appears like it has light fur, and the patterns being in a darker shade of blue appear sky blue.


Glaceons have always been a top choice among trainers because they are pretty docile, easy-going and calm, and collected in nature.

Nevertheless, Glaceons are very skillful hunters. Either they efficiently tackle their enemy by shooting spikey icicle fur or enamor the victims with their impeccable beauty preventing them from being aware of getting frozen by its icy breath.


The Pokémon Go Pokedex says that Glaceons have mastery over their body temperature and can freeze the air around them, which creates a dusty diamond flurry. Its emanating coldness can cause powder-like snow.

Furthermore, Glaceons can form tiny ice crystals just by making the temperature around fall a little bit. It can drop its body temperature to -60 degrees Celsius, which is -75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lowering its body temperature freezes its furs and looks like sharp spikes or needles that it shoots at its prey.

Having mastery over the temperature, Glaceons are heartily welcomed skiing resorts and cold other places.

Glaceon attacking

Glaceons have a balanced statistic of 525.

Glaceons have a hitpoint limit of 65, attack power of 65, and the defending capability is 60.

Its extraordinary attacking power is 110, with special defending power of 95. It has an excellent speed of 130.

How to Get Glaceon in Pokémon GO?

The Name Trick:

The Pokémon GO Eevee Evolution follows the mainstream of the anime and other mainline games. However, a few things are different here.

As shown in the anime, you can never find any of Eevees evolution in the wood, so to evolve Eevee into Glaceon, you need to use the name trick. It is one of the most sure-shot evolution methods that guarantee the evolutionary process. However, the Pokémon Company allows this trick to be used only once.

How Does This Work?

Initiating this trick is a cakewalk.

In this trick, you have to remove the initial name of your Eevee and rename Eevee to Rea.

Eevee has seven different forms. Each form has a specific name to evolve to the next stage, like for the three original Eeveelutions, Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, Rainer, Pyro, and Sparky, respectively. And for evolving it to Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, and Espeon, the names are Linnea, Rea, Tamao, and Sakura, respectively.

The nickname trick actively works for evolving your Eevee. It is pretty easy to evolve your Eevee with this nickname trick. You have to change its name and hit the evolve button for evolving Eevee into Glaceon.

Say you already used this trick, and you are wondering what to do next, well, do not worry. The Lure Module is here to help you out.

The Lure Modules:

In Pokémon GO, there are three types of Lure Modules that you will get to see in this game that is readily available in the shop, and you have to make a purchase, which will cost you 200 coins each.

Mossy Lure Module:

The mossy lure module can attract any grass-type Pokémon for 30 minutes when activated. The mossy lure helps you in evolving Eevee to Leafeon.

Glacial Lure Module:

The glacial lure attracts all ice and water-type Pokémon for 30 minutes when activated. The glacial lure module helps in evolving Eevee into Glaceon.

Magnetic Lure Module:

The magnetic lure module works well in attracting the rock and electric-type Pokémon for 30 minutes after activation.

How Does This Work?

You need to activate one of these at your nearest pokestops and check your inventory.

Select Leafeon or Glaceon. The moment you select, you will see a silhouette of Eevee’s evolved state. This indicates that you are doing it correctly.

If you see the silhouette of Glaceon or Leafeon, hit the evolve button. And, it is done.

The lure module comes in handy in attracting the type of Pokémon you want. These attract specific kinds of Pokémon when activated.


Do not go further and hit the evolve button if you get to see a question mark in the evolve button because that will evolve your Eevee at random.

Also, you need to have 25 Eevee candies with you because when using the lure module requires 25 Eevee candies to complete the evolution method.

The Verdict:

This article walks you through all the requirements to evolve your Eevee to Glaceon.

Here we mentioned two sure-fire tricks that can help you evolve your Eevee to the desired form you want.

The name trick is all about changing Eevee’s name to Rea, which helps evolve your Eevee to Glaceon. This trick can be used once in the game.

While the Lure Module needs to be purchased from the save at a value of 200 coins. You need to have 25 candies to complete the process.

Activate the Glacial Lure and go to the inventory, select Eevee and check if you see the silhouette of Glaceon. If yes, hit the evolve to complete the process.

That is some easy task, and you won’t need much time to do this. Now, it’s time to get your Glaceon. Good Luck.

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